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So what can you do? Spa maintenance and especially the use of spa chemicals can be quick, simple and inexpensive. Although they may sell bottled water on aisle five or hand tools on aisle 50 it does not make them experts in spa pool water treatment. As with the example above, over a very short time, the corrosive water and build-up of these fillers destroys mechanical seals in spa pumps causing leaks. Soon the bearings are destroyed and the motor becomes filled with water. If you are buying your spa chemicals from a store that sells lettuce, it may be a danger sign.We all like to a save a few dollars and as spa owners we are always tempted to choose the less expensive option when it comes to spa chemicals such as chlorine sanitizers for spas and swim spas.Really? As with most things in life the reduction of price comes at a cost.


If they sell lawn implements and kitchen cabinets you may be heading for trouble. The out of balance spa water becomes highly corrosive to the internal spa parts. Buy cheap spa chemicals and save!.. This may sound like a worst case scenario but it happens all too often. These leaks allow water to seep out of the pump housing where the water migrates China Roll On Bottles Suppliers down the spinning shaft and starts attacking the motor bearings. In fact this issue is so common that a number of leading manufactures are stipulating the brand of spa chemicals to be used in their spas and swim spas or the warranty can be affected. Because more chemicals are required, more dosing is required and often the water quickly becomes out of balance.. With less concentration you need to use more spa chemicals to accomplish the same thing. You know what I am talking about; those cheap and cheerful spa chemicals sold through your local grocery store or big box building supply store.


This can prove to be a very costly mistake. Water had migrated to the motor and destoyed it. Usually you can only purchase these brands through spa experts and licensed spa dealers. The true cost of low quality spa chemicals: We recently were called by a customer that had a spa pump which had only been in service four months. They now use the recommended spa chlorine and other spa chemicals. Fillers reduce the amount of active chemical ingredients and it is these active ingredients that cost more. They have purchased two pumps at $795 each. With spa chemicals the main way to save money in manufacturing is to add fillers. This typically means the higher the price, the more concentrated the chemical and the lower the price, the less concentrated.. The inside of the pumps should be a shiny black but it was white and the pump had developed a leak.


It is easy to tell a low quality spa chemical with a large amount of calcium filler was being used. The type of fillers used in low qaulity, cheap spa chemicals varies but one prevalent example is the use of calcium in powdered spa chemicals such as spa chlorine, bromine and lithium sanitizers. The customer started out using the correct chemicals and then eventually started buying chlorine from the supermarket.. Reputable spa chemical brands are those that have been in the business for years and formulate their spa chemicals to the exacting standards of most quality spa manufacturers. Because of that they often carry the lowest quality spa products available. Although you have saved a few dollars when China Airless Bottles Wholesalers purchasing the spa chemicals, you can pay $800 or more for a replacement pump, plus the labor to install the new pump. Conclusions: Using cheap spa chemicals will cost you more.